Space Between

Space Between is something I wrote in response to a drawing by fellow artist Elaine Mari. I have been viewing her drawings on facebook for a while and thought it would be a good idea to work with her on some collaborative poetry and drawings. One of the main reasons I also thought a collab seemed like it would be interesting is because I often write about nature as well as a female figure. And seeing how Elaine's recent drawings also deal with the same, only in an imagery sense, I had to reach out to her and ask about a project.

This post here is a poem/prose I wrote inspired by the drawing that appears by its side below. In the process of writing I made some notes of elements from the drawing that were important to me. I hardly ever make notes when writing but being a collab I wanted to get closer to the drawing, if you will. Then I began to write.

I felt the drawing was open and light and yet held some contrast in the way Elaine used the ink and drawing technique. There is also a great deal of mystery in the drawing for me in viewing the way the portrait is camouflaged or 'one' with the nature elements in the drawing. She is between them, among them, in between.

Thanks to Elaine for working with me on this! Love these drawings.

If you would like to see Elaine's post on her blog in which we handled the project in reverse, her drawing from one of my existing poems, please visit her blog here: Elaine Mari Studio Journal

Thanks for reading and looking!


  1. Hey Phillip, this looks great, sorry haven't commented earlier, things have been a bit much around here. :) Thanks again.


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